Sunday, March 16, 2014


If Beethoven lived in the 21st century, instead of composing Symphony no 5, he would compose something that sounds like the first two tracks of the album "Time- I" by Finnish band Wintersun.

The venom spreads out after each stroke on the guitar, not necessarily after each beat on the drum. At this speed, it could be called speed metal, but it is so much more. The guitar is distinct, so are the beats on the drum. While the guitar sends out a message in each stroke, a series of beats on the drum summarize it. And then comes the layering, then comes the structure- the way it unfolds. Often an oriental note played by an acoustic guitar will take you from Finland to the Chinese mountains covered with lush green grass. But you will not get the time to stay lost there. The growling vocal will not let you rest, the clear vocals will tempt you to. The fast keyboard notes will guide you how to dance, the bass will make sure you do not fall. All of this will happen in a grand orchestration of music. You will not find the time to focus on a particular tone, let alone a particular tune- rather, you will stay in the moment. You may want to bang your head, but you will not. This is not the metal music as you expect. This music is to crush the forces that stop you from going forward. This music is black, this music is dark- this music is to remind you of death. But that is how you get reminded of life.

I was blown away this morning listening to them. You may too. Make sure you use headphones, and the highest quality ones you can find. Enjoy...

(Nerd details: Their music has a wide dynamic range, and full of minute details. So if you do not use high-fidelity headphones or speakers, much of the details will be lost and the music may even sound bland. In addition, if it is the first time you trying out black/ death metal, you may not like the music.)

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