Friday, June 22, 2012

Pride and Prejudice: The Fedora 17 Edition

This afternoon I installed Fedora 17 Linux Distribution on my netbook. So far it has been amazing. In fact, it is so amazing, that I have decided to put in on my mighty-powerful desktop. Putting it will only make the desktop more powerful, faster.

There has been an war in OS world for a decade now. Windows sneer at the Linux users, the Linux guys mock the windows users. There is also another OS for the bimbos, that is Mac OS.

Mac gives no control over the OS. Windows gives moderate. Linux gives full.

To be honest, there are some applications on windows that I really enjoy (e.g. Adobe LIghtroom). The thing I don't like about Windows is, it comes in between the user and the application- which in my view is annoying. I don't have that many complains about OS X. The one and only complain I have against OS X is that it doesn't give any freedom to its users in customizing the interface. You are stuck with the gray bars forever.

The main thing I like about Linux is that I am fully in control. I can control every aspect the operating system. Once I set things right, I don't have to worry about it for years. With that said, Fedora is not a rolling-release distro. It has a life span of only one year. But that's okay with me, since I like to experiment with things. If you install Arch Linux or Sabayon, you can theoratically use it till the end of time.

I have set up all the things in Fedora 17. I have exactly what I need in it- nothing more, nothing less. This has been an amazing distro. I can say that because in last two hours I have tried all the weird things possible in it, and it has survived all.

The reason I mentioned "Pride and Prejudice" in the title is to get more focus on the fact that I am not trying to convince you in any way that Linux (or Fedora) is better. It is just my choice, and it goes the way that I want it to go. That's it. Clear and simple.


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