Saturday, June 02, 2012

The Measurement of Ambition: cm or inch?

You are as great as your ambition.

I have tore off more than 700 pages in 2005. All those 700 pages were full with my writing. Why did I tear them apart? Because they didn't survive my standards. It's funny if you look at it: your own writing didn't survive your own standard. So what are you supposed to do? Quit?

Quitting is the easiest option in any situation. If your personality allows it, then go ahead. QUIT.

To be honest, I didn't write much post 2005. I got a feeling that, may be writing isn't in me. I was wrong. I discovered that recently.

I found few pages that I had forgotten to tear off at that time. I read them, and I was engaged very soon. I looked for the other pages to know what Captain McGinity was going to do. I had picked up the name McGinity from one of the Sherlock Holmes novels. He was my dream character. At that time I used to read Jules Verne a lot. All the stories I wrote at that time had some influences from Jules Verne. I also wrote romantic stories. I couldn't finish any- because they were not real. I wrote one story every time I was infatuated with a girl. I often could not talk much with those girls. So I wrote stories to figure out how it would feel if we were lovers. Often those stories were unfinished, because I couldn't come to a decision what to do with them. I was not comfortable with the girl leaving me, I was not comfortable living with that girl my entire life.

So what does all these lead to? I didn't write crappy stories. My taste was too high. My taste is still high. This time I will work hard enough to be as great as my ambitions.

Did someone say, "The journey of a thousand miles start with a single step?"

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