Monday, May 21, 2012

How would Hemingway say it?

How would Ernest Hemingway say it?

"How would Hemingway describe it if it was going to rain the next day?"

This question was asked to Isaac Asimov by one of his editors when Asimov was still a very young man and was still an amateur.

In reply, Asimov came up with a very beautiful line which reflected nice use of adjectives, profoundness and a strong command over the language.

The editor said, wrong.

If it was going to rain the next day, Hemingway would say,

"It is going to rain tomorrow".

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Another Dose on Writing

The problem starts when I deviate away from my true self.

The problem starts exactly when I suppress my own opinions and give in to the fantasies.

A piece of writing should be rock solid, not necessarily perfect. There is no second Hemingway, no second Charles Dickens. Yet it is possible to become a writer close to their heights by being brutally honest  to oneself.

Asimov's writing pattern is linear. Yet he is adept in creating extremely complex stories.

You often feel confused by the verbose nature of Stephen King's writing. Yet his writing wouldn't be this engaging without those words.

All the successful writers were true to themselves, at least in their writings. You cannot convince a reader something that you don't believe in. You can take that attempt in one or two paragraphs, or one or two pages, and may even succeed, but the overall writing will fail without exception.

How much have you written today? What was your excuse?

Thursday, May 10, 2012

How to refresh the mind?

How to refresh the mind?

I have tried to find the answer to this question. Searching through my life events, I have found one that has refreshed my mind so many times that I have naturally lost the count.

Every morning I wake up, I push the power button of my laptop. While the laptop turns itself on, I go to the kitchen and prepare a cup of tea. I prefer the Darjeeling tea which is fresh and still looks like leaves while I am boiling it in the water. The hot smoke and the hot air help me to get over my sleep. I, then, come back to my room and increase the volume of my laptop which is suitable to my ear but on the louder side. There is one track composed by Johann Sebastian Bach that I always listen to. Keeping it the same every morning, I play the track and look outside of my room. Slowly I come out to my veranda and let the morning sunlight penetrate my skin. I let the gentle breeze fly through I. Bach's music makes the air dance. When the sound reaches my ears, it is already a bit deemed, but it just soothes my mind. I slowly sip tea, feel the breeze, feel the music, and feel the morning sunlight. I feel so good. I just refresh my mind.

This is how I do it. I am sure you will find one such ritual in your life that you are celebrating for years, but haven't noticed it. You just need to find yours and make it as strong a ritual as mine- if possible, even stronger.