Friday, March 02, 2012

Few Words about DSLR

Why people love photography so much? No, I am not giving an answer. People in the world who don't love anything love photos. The most frugal people even spend the extra cash for the extra "Megapixel" (without having the slightest idea what a pixel is). I hate the word "DSLR". A DSLR doesn't make the photo, you make the photo. Photography and DSLR are not synonymous. Strange but true, most of my photos are not taken by a DSLR. Some of them by a VGA camera that comes with a basic Nokia phone, some of them by the cheapest possible digital camera. Photography isn't a cool thing. That's not gonna impress your girlfriend. If you want to show that you have the money to buy a DSLR, then go ahead. Just try not to spoil the world of photography with your filthy DSLR.

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