Sunday, March 25, 2012

Why Windows 8 should be a MEGA Flop???

What Windows 8 OPERATING SYSTEM has that a simple 3-min install BROWSER Google Chrome doesn't have?

I can think of two things. The Video app that can play videos that are already on your hard-drive, and the clunky Music app that can play music that you already have on your hard-drive. Apart from that what's new?

You press the windows button on your keyboard to access the metro interface. You click on the Google Chrome browser button to do a similar thing.

Chrome web store is already matured with apps. You already have more than you need, starting from themes to high-performance games. All the apps you have installed once will automatically be synchronized across all the chrome browsers that you have signed in with your Google account. Seriously, what's new on Windows 8?

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Confession of an Amateur Writer

Reading a book is like travelling to a new land.

When you read a book written by Ernest Hemingway, you live the life that Hemingway describes in his book. You become the protagonist, you do all the actions, you fall in love and you get hurt- as long as you are reading the book. A good write can make that process easier for you.

Gabriel Garcia Marquez can engage the readers in the shortest possible time. His world is very different from the one I live. Yet, it takes only the first paragraph to start the journey. Same goes for Charles Dickens.

I have read more than 300 classics in my life. Classics is a journey that you can take again and again. Each classic is like going to a different place and travelling there. For example, when you read Thomas Hardy, you travel to a distant England village, when you read The Adventures of Tom Sawyer, you wander around in America.

I recently read 1984 by George Orwell. Reading that book is like travelling to a communist country. Orwell is the guide himself and he carries a gun. You know your guide and his job, yet the gun in his hand makes you not trust him entirely. You always stay a bit confused, a bit tensed. As he describes different aspects of the place, you listen with a sharp pain in the back of your head. You always stay aware of the presence of the gun in the hands of your tour guide.

James Joyce is again a tour guide, but he is mad. You are confident that he knows everything, yet you can't figure him out. He probably knows too much. He talks in a level which is beyond your intelligence. When he talks, he talks in a poetic voice. You are not quite sure if you like him, but you feel you like him.

A mass-market fiction writer is like a tour guide who spoils all the fun by not taking you to places instead, telling the whole story by his clever oral power. You never get to live the life, you just listen to him. So when you finish listening to him, you often forget what he has already told. You get the excitement, but you never quite remember as you have never lived that life.

There are some writers who take the middle path. Stephen King's Duma Key is a prime example of that. He tells the story and he makes you live the life- both at the same time.

I don't know what kind of writer I am. I am writing, I keep on writing, I will write, till I am satisfied with my writing.

Arthur Golden took 10 years to write Memoirs of  a Geisha. In that time, he wrote the whole book 3 times. And at the end of all that, he created such a beautiful place that I love going again and again and again...

Friday, March 02, 2012

Few Words about DSLR

Why people love photography so much? No, I am not giving an answer. People in the world who don't love anything love photos. The most frugal people even spend the extra cash for the extra "Megapixel" (without having the slightest idea what a pixel is). I hate the word "DSLR". A DSLR doesn't make the photo, you make the photo. Photography and DSLR are not synonymous. Strange but true, most of my photos are not taken by a DSLR. Some of them by a VGA camera that comes with a basic Nokia phone, some of them by the cheapest possible digital camera. Photography isn't a cool thing. That's not gonna impress your girlfriend. If you want to show that you have the money to buy a DSLR, then go ahead. Just try not to spoil the world of photography with your filthy DSLR.