Wednesday, February 15, 2012

The Window

The window.

I look out of the bus window. I look out of the room window. I look out of the launch window.

I look out.

Things mostly remain the same. My perspective changes.

The river I cross almost everyday, hasn't changed much in the last thousand years.

Sure, the water has been changing continuously. The landscape around has changed a bit. But, the overall feeling and the reason for which it is called the river hasn't changed.

I don't live in the moment. The moment lives in me.

For, hardly anything changes.

The bus route doesn't change over ten years. The shop from where I drink tea hasn't changed it's location. Only my view, my perspective about them change.

I look out of the window. I look at the sky. Everyday I have seen a different sky, yet the sky is same to me.

Same is a thousand books in my bookshelf, same is 5 pair of shoes in my shoe rack.

Who am I?

Where am I?

What is this earth?

Am I too certain?

How can I know that the things I know as true are true.

How can I know I haven't woken up this morning with the entire past in my dreams?

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