Saturday, February 11, 2012

The Road less Travelled

From today onwards, this blog will feature articles which have focus on things other than learning.

It took me time to realize the truth. The truth is “I hate definitions”.

Definition is a clear way to limit things. Define yourself as a vegetarian. Now you have given yourself a proper definition to restrict yourself from some of the finest quality foods in the world (read sushi). You are a customer service employee, so automatically all the great ideas you have for the growth of the company will be rejected, doesn’t matter if the CEO is a dumbass.

A portrait of the artist as a young man.

For a long long time, I read the title of this famous book wrong. I didn’t know how careful James Joyce was with words. I always read “The portrait of an artist as a young man”.

These different choices of words make a huge difference.

“The portrait” is definite. “An artist” seems arbitrary. James Joyce wouldn’t like to declare himself as too qualified to capture the metaphysical truths masterfully. He knew it is often beyond our limits to capture even a little bit of the art. He was certain about “The Artist”. He wasn’t sure of the artist’s work of art. He used “A portrait”- which is arbitrary.

If you are a regular reader of this blog, you know that the previous title of this blog was “The science learner”. Then I figured out the word ‘science’ restrains me from writing on other topics. So I dropped the word “science”.

The reason I started writing on this blog was to encourage people to learn and experience the world with a little more scrupulousness. Writing only on “science” wouldn’t serve that purpose. So wouldn’t only “learning”. Ultimately there is nothing called “learning”. It is all an experience.

I welcome you to encourage me to go with my new found spirit. Let’s explore the world of randomness. Let’s give our autographs to our unique endeavors to bring a collective change in the world.

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