Saturday, November 05, 2011

Pseudoscience: 1: Shower

Why do we feel so FRESH after taking a shower? What are the scientific reasons behind it?

The top reason can be that we tend to clean our body when we take shower. We get rid of a lot of bacteria and we feel fresh. However, bacteria start growing back instantly and that's why in a few hours we start feeling itchy again.

But, a clean body is not the only reason we feel so fresh.

When we take shower, our skin temperature (I was going to write "surface temperature") falls sharply. To maintain the thermal equilibrium, blood starts rushing to the tissues near to the skin. So suddenly there is a change in the blood flow. Tissues which were getting moderate amount of blood suddenly get more blood. Also, we move our body in many different positions while taking a shower. So a lot of processes get initiated again and they start affecting the existing process of the blood flow. Not only that, a lot of depressing hormones that have been released earlier may be suppressed or overpowered by newly secreted hormones (which might be happy(!) hormones). So when we take shower, we passively initiate a lot of processes which aid in achieving a new state of body and mind and the new mental state might be labelled as 'fresh' depending on the strength of your previous mental state.

Did you know that, in each seven years, you become a completely new human being? Every single tissue in your body gets replaced by a new one?

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[pseudoscience: the information I write with the 'pseudoscience' title may or may not be correct. I simply write what I think and what I guess. The sole purpose I have is to analyze scientific issues in the simplest way possible. Trusting them is upon you.]

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