Sunday, July 24, 2011

How to access any website from your office?

Has your FAT-ASS boss instructed your office IT guy to block Facebook, Youtube, Twitter and other popular sites? And do you chew your sleeves being too much bored in the office as you cannot 'poke' your friends?

Or, for any unknown reason, you can't access certain websites that you suspect has happened because your internet service provided (ISP) has blocked those sites?

Well, wait no longer. Here comes the solution.

Click here. Click Here. CLICK HERE. Or note down "" without quote ("") on a scratch paper in case you can't access .blogspot in your office.

This will lead you to a site which will allow yourself to browse any website anonymously. That means you can practically live like a ghost on the internet.

After going to the page, scroll down a little and on the right side you will find this section in the page:

Paste your link/site address in the box and click Visit.

That's it. No FAT-ASS boss can stop you anymore from achieving your internet FREEDOM.

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