Sunday, May 29, 2011

How to download Youtube videos? (the easiest way)

There are a number of ways to download youtube videos. But in this post I wanted to show you one way, which is the easiest of all and requires least effort from the user.

So what you need?
- There is only one prerequisite for this process. You need to have Mozilla Firefox. Version 3.6 is fine, but I recommend Firefox 4. If you don't have it already, download it from here.

[[[[    What next?
- I assume Flash Player is already installed in your browser. If you are watching Youtube videos already, don't worry about it. You already have flash player installed. (otherwise download it from here)    ]]]]  

After that, click "this link". Firefox will prompt you to "allow" and then "restart". Restart the browser. And your job is done.

Next time you watch any youtube video, you will discover one more extra button next to "share". Click the button, choose the file format (choose "MP4 360p" if you are not sure"), and the download will start. You can choose a location if you want to. Otherwise Firefox will save the file in your default download location (Usually it's on your "Documents/Download" folder or just "Download" folder).


IF  YOU WANT TO USE A DOWNLOAD MANAGER while you are downloading, here is how to do it.


1. Click this link.

2. Firefox will prompt you to restart. Restart firefox.

3. Next time when you are on Youtube, and you have clicked "Download" button (as mentioned above) to download a video, from the pop up window choose the option shown in the image.

The download manager will accelerate the download process and your will enjoy the video in a video player of your choice (e.g. SPlayer).

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