Monday, May 23, 2011

Future of Facebook

My projections of Facebook if they continue on their success stride:

1. A facebook insurance policy which will cover hacking attacks, security gaps etc.

2. An offline registration desk for children.

3. Inclusion of/ reference to the Facebook page on job resumes.

4. Voting for elections with one vote per account.

5. Account has to be verified by certain authorities.

6. Facebook will merge with the Government.

7. Movies/ music albums will launch on Facebook provided Facebook will start a video sharing service like youtube.

8. Facebook will have deals with Visa/Master card and will start e-book/ music/ movie sharing services replacing services that Amazon or Netflix provide.

9. Facebook will have a Blogging page included by default which will differ from the original Facebook theme and retain the original blog theme.

10. Facebook has already merged with Bing. A greater integration will be interpreted as 'Facebook has replaced the internet'.

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