Saturday, April 23, 2011

The science learner does not read newspaper

This idea was originally popularized by MEGA bloggers like Tim Ferriss (The 4 hour work week) and Leo Babuta (Zen Habits).

If you open a daily newspaper, you will discover few amazing things. I will point out a few:

1. Brad Pitt's toilet habits.

2. Lady Gaga's brand of underwear.

3. How many times Britney Spears winked when she was getting out of her car.

There are even more:

1. How scandalous the politicians are.

2. How meanly you can criticize a team's performance.

Coming to this point, you may feel I have exaggerated my points. YES, I have exaggerated my points. The whole purpose of this is to tell you that there is hardly anything worthy to read in the newspaper. And if there is any, you don't need to know them.

All that said, I am not putting down the value of news. When something important happens, you won't have to look for it, the news will come to you. If you don't believe me, think about all the major incidents that happened last few years. How many of them did you discover in a newspaper in the first place?

Newspaper is full of negativity. If a person lives an awesome life, he will never appear in the front page of a newspaper. But if that person makes a mistake, or better, gets involved in a scandal, he has a high chance to make it to the front page.

Again, don't confuse between news and information. News usually vanishes in a week, sometimes in a month. Information stays forever.

What I want to say is that all the things you find in a newspaper are not as important as you think they are. Take a skeptic look at the newspaper articles you have read this morning. Are they really worthy of your time? Do they deserve to occupy a place in your brain memory cells?

Again, the information a newspaper presents is often dumbed down because each newspaper article is written keeping in mind about the understanding ability of the dumbest person in the world. Because even the dumbest person wants to buy a newspaper to look smart, and the newspaper companies don't want to lose the pennies from him.

I suggest you find a website which presents information of your taste and intelligence. As you are reading this article, I have no doubt that you have access to internet. Use RSS feed so that you won't have to check every piece of article. Read only what appeals you.

Remember, by newspaper, I mean the DAILY NEWSPAPER. I have high appreciation for magazines like National Geographic, TIME, Reader's Digest, NEWSWEEK, TOP GEAR, PC WORLD and many many more. Magazines or periodicals are usually written putting a lot of thoughts behind each article and they want people to keep the magazines in their shelves for years. So usually the contents are timeless and worthy of your time.

So, what's your next move? Are you gonna check the newspaper tomorrow morning?

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