Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Common Mistakes in English: Text Lecture 1


Oh, we are so dumb and sometimes we don't even know it. We act like smart using wrong information or facts. Am I being too offensive? Well, answer me, how often do you say "It's me! It's me!!"? And you know what, it's wrong.

There are a lot more. Here I have made a collection of the most common ones. More to come. So keep on looking.

Wrong: It's me who did it.
Right: It's I who did it.

Wrong: I like playing guitar.
Right: I like playing the guitar.
# musical instruments always preceded by 'the'

Wrong: Once upon a time Titanic was the largest ship.
Right: Once upon a time the Titanic was the largest ship.
#the name of a ship is preceded by 'the'

Wrong: I waited for her for one and a half hour.
Right: I waited for her for one and a half hours.

Wrong: A boy's hat is different from a girl.
Right: A boy's hat is different from a girl's.

Wrong: Don't make noise when I sleep.
Right: Don't make a noise when I sleep.

Wrong: It was him.
Right: It was he.

Wrong: Jack has not come also (or too).
Right: Jack has not come either.

Wrong: It's me.
Right: It's I.

Well, here were few examples. I suggest you do your own research. I just wanted to give you the heads up.

More text lectures like that are about to come. So stay tuned.

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Anonymous said...

we want some more .( i hope this sentence is grammertically ri8.)

Ant said...

Nice find, it will actually help my foreign ass. Well done