Saturday, February 26, 2011

Exploring Time Travel!

I am posting some questions which I have in my mind for many years.

I have always wondered, how do we get our sense of time? In my understanding, our sense of time is related to the expansion speed of Milky Way (the speed of Sun and Earth will be dependent on it as the Milky Way is the ultimate container). Considering my point is true, I will get a different sense of time if I was in Andromeda which has a different expansion speed. If the expansion speed of Andromeda is faster than that of Milky Way and if from Andromeda I can observe the events in the Milky Way (preferably the planet earth), won't events in the earth feel slower to me? My sense of time will be more than the people living in the earth, so I will advance in time. So won't it be time travel?

There are few doubts though.

Jupiter takes nearly 250 years to make a circle around the sun. If I stay in Jupiter, what will be the biological change in my body? As I will be living in a faster container (in this case the Jupiter), won't my body metabolism rate change? If the sense of time in Jupiter becomes my normal sense of time (because of the biological change in my body), and if I live for 60 Jupiter years there, won't my life span be (60*250)=  15000 earth years?

The sense of time that we have about the normal life span of a human being, isn't it the same for an ant because of their biological tiny structure?

Theoretically, if you travel in a train which travels at a speed close to the speed of light, and if you travel in that for 7 days, when you will come out of that train, you will discover the age of the earth has increased by almost 100 years.

There are a lot of questions to be answered. If you have any counter proposal, let me know. If you think my understanding is wrong, also let me know in the comments.

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