Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Trust: The Secret Smile

I was reading a book lately and there I found the most meaningful description of trust till date.

So here it goes:

"Trust is the safeness we feel in a relationship".

Do you ever feel scared thinking that you will make a huge mistake and your parents will leave you? I guess no. That's the level of trust you have with them.

You have recently started going out with a girl who you dearly like. But she doesn't know that your smoke. So you are always hiding that fact. You are scared that she may not go out with a smoker. That's the feeling of safeness you have, that's the level of trust you have.

You are already deep into the relationship. She knows you all in all. You make the mistakes, she accepts them as they are. Nothing changes. You still plan to go out with her for the latest Harry Potter movie. You enjoy that she accepted your mistakes so nicely. You appreciate that. You love her more for accepting you as you are, for accepting you with all the faults you have. You smile silently. You make a promise to yourself to be better. You try Getting better than yourself everyday so that one day you can make her smile silently by being a nicer person to her than you are today. You don't lie about the cigarettes but feel that she feels suffocated when you smoke. You don't like that. So you start trying to quit. One day you quit. Now you can imagine her silent smile. You feel happy thinking 'right now she is feeling happy thinking she has influenced you to get out of one injurious habit of your life'. You appreciate the life even more, you want her to smile like that a lot more times. Day by day you become more open to her, you learn to admit your mistakes and let her influence you to be better each day. You are an open book to her. She reads it, she does the proof reading. You become the hard cover edition. No more fear of making mistakes again. She trusts you all in all the way you trust her. No giving, no sharing. Just an outward feeling of trust. No strings attached yet the trust is stronger than ever.

(Note: I have never smoked even a single puff in my life, it's just a metaphor).

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