Monday, October 18, 2010

SPlayer: One video player to rule them all...!!!

In my 12 years of computer life I have come across many video players. I remember in 1998, Super Docoder was all I could think of. Later switched to Power DVD when DVDs got popular. When I became a little more pro, I started using Media Player Classic, Hero Super Player was a backup player. When I knew more about techworld, VLC got into my way. But let's be honest, VLC is ugly. I also tested WinDVD. Occasionally I use Windows Media Center and Windows Media Player 12 wieh K-lite mega codec pack.

If you go to (, you will find the highest downloaded video players are GOM player, VLC player and KM player. Let's get a little more analytical.

Benefits and limitations of VLC, GOM, KM player.

1. VLC: It plays almost any kind of file, boosts sound to a great extent (sometimes makes it harsh to listen to). It's ugly and often freezes and crashes my system.

2. GOM player: Plays almost any kind of file. Has good default shortcut keys (left,right: for jumping forward/backward; up,down: for volume increase/decrease). It also automatically adds files to the playlist from a folder. It cannot play .VOB files well (DVD copy) and it doesn't integrate with the Windows 7 aero theme.

3. KM player: It overcomes most of the problems of VLC and GOM, but still it has some limitations. I have found if the video file is of low resolution (specially FLV files), it makes the characters feel like robots. Also, it doesn't have a good sound booster.

Now imagine a video player which has all the benefits of VLC, GOM and KM player and doesn't have a single limitation of any of theirs. Yes, that's what I am talking about. It is SPlayer. Probably it is Chinese/Japanese (not sure). But it is superb. It has been my default video player for months and has never made me upset a single time.

Let's look at its benefits one more time:

1. Plays any file under the sun.
2. Has navigation like GOM player (read above).
3. Boosts sound but doesn't make it harsh.
4. Automatically adds files to the playlist from a folder.
5.Automatically downloads subtitles. PLEASE READ AGAIN, automatically downloads subtitles.
5. It makes the pixel smoother. So the video looks better.
6. It has transparent control.
7. One click play/pause control.
8. Double click full-screen toggle.
9. Integrates with Windows 7 aero theme.
10. Doesn't make the system crash.
11. It has Home Theater feature (good news for Windows XP and Windows Vista/7 Basic users).
12. It has one click GPU acceleration feature.
13. In case you mistakenly closed one file, next time you start it SPlayer will resume from the last scene you saw.
12. Finally (but not the least), it is a small download of around 4.5 MB.

Well, SPlayer hasn't paid me to write all of these. I simply felt compelled to write about it as very few people know of it. Download it from this link (click it).


Anonymous said...

Thnx for leting us kno. Nice player BTW.

Viju Bot said...

Splayer has no advanced features at all. Don't you fool us