Friday, October 22, 2010

Blackmore playing Beethoven's 9th Symphony- When you add speed to feelings!

People who don't know Ritchie Blackmore and still listen to hard rock and heavy metal music should hold back, pause for a while and show gratitude for the man for whom the maddening rock and roll music has gone into such heights. He alone pioneered these two genres in the late 1960s and early 1970s (Deep Purple). Arguably his guitar riff  "Smoke on the water" is the most famous and greatest guitar riff ever composed (you may have heard it in the movie 'The School of Rock'). However in 1997 he completely changed his musical style and along with Candice Night (now his wife) came up with a Renaissance influence folk-rock band named Blackmore's Night . I have been listening to them since then and can't recall how many times I have listened to their tracks (probably 300 times or more than that: I remember every second of their every song, I can even anticipate what guitar sound will come next, the ups and downs of Candice Night's voice, even the way her emotional voice changes).

On the other hand, Beethoven is one of my most favorite classical composers (along with Mozart, Bach, Vivaldi). His 9th Symphony is the first one I learned to play on guitar. I still don't understand whether it represent's sadness, happiness or something else, but it is always good to listen to.

I am so excited to find this video that one of my favorite guitarists is playing Beethoven's 9th symphony in a grand style. He played with a Blues tone and added more elements to the original music. Anyway, no more reading. Enjoy the video!!

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