Saturday, September 25, 2010

Send/Receive 2 GB of data even using the worst Internet Connection (An overview of online backup services)

Here is a list of the upload limits of the popular email services:

1. Gmail: 25 MB
2. Yahoo mail: 25 MB
3. Hotmail: 10 MB.

Google docs and Windows Live Skydrive both let you upload 50 MB of data at once. Though using skydrive you can send a total of 10 GB of photos to someone, but you have to upload them manually and that's a pain in the ass.

There is one more upload service: it's Megauploader and it lets you upload a maximum of 1024 MB of data at once, it supports download managers, but uploading or downloading is still painfull in it.

But here is an easy solution to all these problems. Start using Dropbox right from this link. You can send a single file of maximum size of 2 GB or multiple files totaling upto that much size without a tiny bit of hassle once you have installed dropbox.

So what is Dropbox?

Dropbox is an online backup service having the following features:

1. It is platform independent: so you can use PC, Mac, Linux, iPhone, Android phone and you can access your data from anywhere.

2. It creates a new folder in your My Documents folder (the home folder for Linux users) titled "Dropbox" the only thing you need to do is just "copy and paste" the files into that folder. Dropbox will take care of the rest.

3. Dropbox always saves the last condition of your file. So even if electricity goes off, or if your internet connection fails, the upload/download process won't start from the beginning again. So for dial-up internet users, it is a great news of relief.

4. Dropbox doesn't slow down your internet connection. It uses an intelligent algorithm to find out when you are connected to the internet but not using it. It will only upload/download when you are not doling anything on the internet.

SO what you need to do?

1. Download Dropbox from this website. (around 12 MB for Windows)

2. Install it  and register (hardly takes two mins). Remember to remember your id and password.

3. Go to your dropbox folder and put whatever data you wanna put in there (just copy and paste).

4. Tell your ID and Password to the person you wanna send the files to. Also that person must install dropbox in the same way you did.

5. Forget about it. Go to your kitchen and make a cup of tea (You don't have to worry about it anymore, the file will be sent/received on time depending on your internet connection speed).

Well, now it's my time to go to the kitchen and drink some Chinese tea.

Note: you can access your data any time even on the web using your ID and Password.

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