Wednesday, August 25, 2010

I wanna enjoy sleeping a little more, I wanna sleep by the beach shore!! (create your own sleeping music)

I am sure, like me, many of you consider sleeping as an art, an act to perform, rather than just bowing your head to the nature's tool to refresh your body. So how about adding some more colors to that piece of art?

Do you ever wonder how you would feel if you could sleep by the beach shore everyday? How about sleeping in a tin shed room where the continuous rainfall creates music? What if you hear the birds twittering? Or forget everything, how would you like to sleep turning your lights off and hearing the sound of a thunderstorm?

Well, all of these can happen if you simply adjust the sound according to your mood in this website. (click the link)

So my friend, from today add an extra dimension to the heavenly act of sleeping and get lost in your dreams with the background music from nature.

By the way, after composing your own music you can also save it as a wave file and listen to it every night before going to sleep.


Harshith Keni said...

Oh god. Made my day (night?). I've been wanting to camp out, get away from the city for a few weeks now. Not likely that I'll be able to till December. At least I could sleep to the sound of crickets chirping...

basel said...

just amazing man. i was looking for something like this.cheers