Monday, April 05, 2010

iPod, iPhone, iPad, iTorumoy and some more 'i's


I got this idea about 8 months ago when I was reading an article about Steve Jobs and found out that he wanted to define his position at Apple as iCEO. I thought if Steve Jobs loves 'i' so much, we can do the same to show him some gratitude for his contribution to all the 'i' Products. Seriously, the first thing that came out of mind about 'i' is "Why can't we replace the term Asshole with an iAsshole"??

That would have been naughty, so I didn't. But I use it sometimes when talking with close friends just to make fun.

One day one friend came to me for a weekend afternoon guitar session. At one point he wanted to use the washroom. I showed him the way. He couldn't stop laughing when he found the label on the washroom door reads "iToilet".

I was thinking why Mr. Jobs loves 'i' so much? Even his book is titled "iCon". Probably, the reason is 'i' is related to imaginary numbers in Mathematics. So if someone has knowledge of basic Algebra, 'i' will trigger a part of his/her subconscious mind which thinks 'i' means 'imagination', 'imaginary' or 'something that you can only imagine'. Hats off to Mr Job's vision.

So far I have experienced Apple's many 'iProducts'. I love iPod (though I think the sound quality of Sony Walkman is better). I have used iPhone and like it. I have always wanted to have an e-book reader and also a netbook; now it looks  like iPad will solve this. But it will take some time for me to get it. Also, I wanna wait till Microsoft launches "Microsoft Courier" which may have better features than 'iPad'.

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