Thursday, October 29, 2009

The Philosophy of Monster!!

Monster is a Japanese manga come novel come animation series which has got huge accolade from the general people and also the Pulitzer prize winner in literature, 2008 (source: Wikipedia). It is written by Naoki Urasawa who is regarded as the second God of manga (aka Comics) in Japan after Osamu Tezuka.

Here are two songs of Monster which were featured in Monster as the ending song.
It's your choice to think about the philosophy behind this two songs.
"And slowly you come to realize
It's all as it should be
You can only do so much
If you're game enough
You could put your trust in me
For the love of life
We could lose it all
But we will go down fighting"

There is another one:

"Yes, cherish what you know is true in this world
Please believe in the kindness of your eyes
Make it home to your land of harmony
Make it home to your land of purity
Make it home"


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