Thursday, October 29, 2009

A dream Life!!

It’s tough to imagine the life that you really want. There are attractions everywhere, some will take away your attention, some will make you forget the thing that attracted you before. So it’s hard to decide what you want and it’s harder to stick to it.

I haven’t decided yet what my dream life would be.

But I have few thoughts.

One of them is quite recurring.

I imagine I am in a cradle beside the deep blue pacific ocean. I am writing long hand on my oversized notebook. That will be the draft for one of my many novels. I am entertaining thousands of people by my science, mystery novels and also with a few non-fictions. May be on my ear, I will wear a headphone and listen to Johann Sebastian Bach. I will smell the coconut trees on the beach shore, also the rhythm of the uncontrolled sea waves will make my heart warm. I will drink juice of a colorful fruit. My hand will keep on writing, i will keep on getting ideas from the people around me, from the little kids who will try to make sandcastles in the sand which will soon collapse. I will enjoy the life, I will smell it, I will close my eyes, i will sleep. Then I will see a dream. In my dream, I will dream again…

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